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Key Skills


Key Skills


Latest Key Skills Videos

Listen to Teachers Experiences
Sharing good ideas from the Key Skills classroom. (7 min. 42) 
See some key skills in action in Junior cycle subjects
Managing myself
History (4 min. 34) 
Staying well  
English (3 min. 43)   
Working with others  
 Business (3 min. 24)   French (2 min. 55) 
Managing information and thinking  
History (4 mins)  Science (4 min. 20) 
Gaeilge (3 min. 48)   
Gaeilge (3 min. 23) 

English/ Media Studies (4 min. 12) 

Teacher resources (doc.)

Being Creative  
English (3 min. 06)   


These videos show how some schools got started with Key Skills.

1. Introducing Key Skills

 Learners reflect on Key Skills (5 mins)
Students talk about Key Skills (2 min. 36)
Teachers’ stories  (5 mins)
Leading Key Skills (3 min. 53): Some principals and deputy principals discuss the importance of  key skills.


2. Teachers tell how they developed key skills

How one school developed key skills across the school (5 min. 22) 
St. Colmcille's Community School: Embedding Key Skills (3 mins) 
Science teachers: Getting started with JC key skills (14 min. 34) 
English teachers: Getting started with JC Key skills (10 min. 11) 


3. More examples of key skills in action in the classroom

Communication skills through debate (6 min. 16) 
Using drama to develop key skills (5 min. 34) 
Students learn through quiz questioning  in groups (1 min. 34) 
Examples of students peer teaching the whole class  (2 mins)
Peer feedback – Students act as critical friends (1 min. 32)
True/False – An approach to formative assessment (1 minute)
Managing Myself : Setting and achieving personal goals (4 min. 16) 
English class showing the use of roles within group work (12 min. 26) 
Gaeilge: Embedding Key Skills in language learning (4 min. 35) 
Maths: Key Skills supporting independent learning (5 min. 47)