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ESRI Research

ESRI Research

ESRI Research

The NCCA commissioned the Educational Policy Research Centre of the Economic and Social Research Institute (ESRI) to carry out a study of students’ experiences of the curriculum in the first three years of their post-primary schooling. The research provides insights into how best to ensure a smooth transition for students from primary to post-primary school, how to motivate them to engage with and enjoy school, and how to challenge them to realise their full potential in the three years of junior cycle. The research is in three phases corresponding with each year of junior cycle.

ESRI Research:  Overview (pdf) 

Summary report (for three years)
Junior Cycle Education: Insights from a Longitudinal Study of Students (ESRI Research Bulletin 2009/4/1) (pdf)

First Year
NCCA commentary on ESRI research into curriculum provision and school integration among first year students (March 2004) (pdf)
Moving Up - the experiences of first year students: booklet for schools, teachers and parents (May 2004) (pdf)

Second Year
Pathways through junior cycle - the experiences of second year students (May 2006) (pdf)
ESRI Report on the experiences of second year students – Summary (May 2006) (pdf)

Third Year
NCCA summary and commentary on ESRI research into the experiences of third year students (Sept 2007) (pdf)

Vodcast of Dr. Emer Smyth, ESRI researcher, discussing different aspects of the three years of research at LDS21 website.