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View the complete English specification on Curriculum Online.

Specification for Junior Cycle English for introduction in 2014

UPDATE: Junior Cycle English Review 2017

Junior Cycle English was the first subject to change within the new Junior Cycle. As each subject is completed by one full cohort of students, an interim review of the subject specification and related assessments will be carried out by the NCCA.

Deadline extended:

The consultation to gather feedback from English teachers, students and parents is now open and will close on Friday 26th January. A template for written feedback is available for download here. Please complete and email written submissions to [email protected] by 26th January 2018.

Text list for Junior Cycle English for the student cohorts in 2014-17, 2015-18 and 2016-19

Suggesting useful texts for Junior Cycle English

As part of the consultation process, teachers were asked to suggest texts that might be suitable for Junior Cycle English. See the full list of suggestions here. These texts may be viewed as possible choices which could be studied in addition to those selected from the list of prescribed texts above. 


Development and Consultation for Junior Cycle English 

The consultation is now closed. Material related to the consultation is available below:

Background Paper
Draft Consultation Report
Development Group Report One
Development Group Report Two
Development Group Report Three