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Wellbeing is a new area of learning in junior cycle.  The Wellbeing Guidelines provide schools with support for planning a junior cycle Wellbeing programme.

The Wellbeing Guidelines provide details on the following:  

  • Background and rationale for Wellbeing
  • Wellbeing and the Framework for Junior Cycle  
  • Wellbeing - A whole school approach to Wellbeing
  • Wellbeing and the curriculum
  • Assessment and reporting  
  • Tools for getting started  

The Guidelines can be accessed here.

You can read a summary of Wellbeing in junior cycle in this information leaflet.

Background reading about Wellbeing:

Wellbeing and Post Primary schooling - a review of the literature

A Human Development Framework (PSP) for orienting education and schools in the space of wellbeing by Maeve O Briend and Andrew O Shea (2017)